Can you imagine...
  •  Not needing to return to work after your maternity leave?
  •  Achieving financial freedom for you and your family?
  •  Being in charge of your own schedule?
  • Doing something that fills you with purpose?
  • Receiving ongoing mentorship throughout the process (for FREE)?
Well of course your going to say "YES" but you might be wondering...HOW?

I'm inviting you to join me on my newest venture where you'll earn residual income and, in turn, gain the freedom and space to have more time for your family and yourself.

When you join me, you'll also be joining a group of women just like yourself, and you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with them and earn an income promoting a humanity plus product...

Without a huge investment!

This invitation is unlike any of my other programs and offerings. So, HOW can you join?

I'll share more on the HOW in just a minute, but first...

Let me tell you a story...

For 6 years, I've been coaching and creating programs in the business, coaching and personal development space. I love seeing how my clients' lives transform through starting and growing their businesses, and the impact that it makes on all areas of their lives.

Despite this...a few months ago, I came to the realisation...

There are many women who I'd love to support, but my programs are either out of their budget or not targeted towards the type of business that's best for them.

NOT everyone in my community wants to become a coach, course creator, or service-based entrepreneur (gasp!) - which are who my programs are for

NOT everyone has the motivation or wherewithal to build a personal brand - but give them a product they believe in and they'll promote it without hesitation

NOT everyone has the means to invest $3.5k in a business building program

Starting a business is an excellent way to become financially empowered and step into the best versions of ourselves, and I’m incredibly passionate about women's financial empowerment. That's why I started It Girl Academy and the It Girl Foundation, to help women in developing countries find work online.

BUT there is a big gap between the $3.5k program I offer through It Girl Academy and the course I give away for free through the It Girl Foundation. 

In light of this, I’ve decided to release something very, very different.
I'm partnering with dōTERRA to give you another option...
dōTERRA is a proven business model & I've made it my goal to turn this venture into a 7-figure income stream.

And when you join my team, you'll have the opportunity to grow too. So, what will it take...

Doing something you already do, except now you'll get paid for it!

doTERRA produces the purest essential oils on the planet - not just oils that smell great, but oils you can use for your health & wellness, your home, self-care for you and your family, and even in your kitchen. 

You'll fall in love with these oils, just like I did... and you know how easy it is to talk to your friends about something you love.

I know what you're thinking...

Network marketing...really?!

I felt this way too - for a long time!

But the truth is, you're likely already recommending products you love... You're just not getting paid for it.

The more I used the oils (the first time when I was dying from horrible hangover [ouch] and the second time in labour for the birth of my son [double ouch]), the more I fell in love with them. 

And after looking at the compensation plan, I realised it was an excellent business opportunity for both myself and my community.
Where other BIG companies invest billions of dollars a year into advertising and marketing on TV, radio, print media and all the rest, dōTERRA prefers to give the small business owner, like myself (or maybe you!), that money. 

These small business owners are mostly women, many with families.

The model gives them flexibility, the ability to work from home, and unlimited earning potential.

Now, as the company and industry grows, there's a new wave of small business owners sharing dōTERRA. These are passionate people who don't want to follow the footsteps of those who miss out on most opportunities... 

Or those around them that are surviving, but far from thriving.

They no longer want to stare down the barrel of 50 years of 9-5, asking permission to spend time with their kids on a holiday.
Why You Should Consider Becoming Part of my dōTERRA team
  •  Work alongside me as we grow a million dollar dōTERRA team.
  •  Receive my unique mentoring based on what I've learnt it takes to build a seven figure online academy and coaching business 
  • Create an additional risidual income stream if you already have an exisiting business
  •  Build a brand new business with built-in support
  •  Collaborate with incredible woman, no longer feel like you're alone in your current business
  • Get understanding from a fellow Mum with a baby about what it's like to balance business and family
  • Hop on coaching calls and get support from Presidential Diamond Tara Bliss and Blue Diamond Alice Nichols (more on this below)
Some of dōTERRA's work through their incredible 'Healing Hands Foundation'
You can be sure you're partnering with a company you can stand proudly behind.
Below is a chart outlining the average monthly earnings for the different ranks within dōTERRA
  •  Unlimited financial opportunity (yes, unlimited)
  •  Part-timers earn around $2000-$5000 per month.
  •  $16k per month on average as the starting point for someone who wants to create a full-time business with dōTERRA.
Complimentary Training and Mentorship From... 
You'll get full access to BizCamp, which is a 4 Week 'Bootcamp' to get your dōTERRA Business launched. We go 'Beyond the Bottle' and teach you about consciously opting-in to greater good with dōTERRA.

The Training is ready for you to dive into. It's the systems, strategies, and methods that our team led by Tara and Alice have used to sky-rocket thier dōTERRA businesses into to the highest company ranks.

This training is something that many would pay tens of thousands of dollars for, and you get it for FREE when you join our team.

You'll also gain access to two of Hayley Hobson's private communities, and access to me and Jaclyn Carlson the Director of The Blog Society. Lack of support is something you won't face in your doTERRA business!
But it doesn't stop there! You will also gain access (for free) to group programs being run throughout the year as soon as you join. These programs include: Ready, Set, Enroll, Consciously Rank Advancing, Go for Gold and Dance to Diamond - valued in the tens of thousands!
  1. When you purchase your first oils using the instructions below, you will receive an email from me welcoming you to the team.
  2. You receive access to our exclusive membership website. This includes BizCamp, Biz Training, Personal and Professional Development Training.
  3. You receive the schedule for: Weekly Business Empowerment Calls including monthly calls with Presidential Diamond Tara Bliss & Weekly calls with Alice Nicholls.
  4. You receive the schedule for: Fortnightly Customer Education calls.
  5. Access to me for support and mentorship to grow your business quickly!
Is dōTERRA and Team It Girl right for you?
I'm looking for driven women who are dedicated to creating their own version of success and want to:
  •  Create a six figure business within a year.
  •  Are excited to be part of a team and collaborate.
  •  Can't wait to start sharing the oils and business opportunity with others
  •  Willing to work on themselves so you can achieve results quickly
  •  Looks for the positive even in challenging situations
How do I join your team Jess?
To get started - It's as simple as buying your first essential oils. Nearly all of our business builders enrol with a Home Essentials Kit as it is without a doubt the most versatile option and has the top 10 oils every home should have regardless of want or need.
Use your oils = fall in love
This is the part where you become obsessed with “your oils” and you start to understand why dōTERRA has the highest customer retention rate in the world in this industry (more than 65%).

I’ll give you plenty of ideas on how to use your collection and you will have a tonne of resources and support to surround yourself and your customers with.
Build your business 
As soon as you purchase your oils using the instructions below, I am notified and you'll get access to all of the training, coaching and support - complimentary.
Don't Over Think It...
What's the worst that can happen?
You buy some incredible oils and realise the business opportunity isn't for you...

The best case scenario is your financial and physical health dramatically changes for the better!

Before I joined, I kept on questioning if it was the "right" decision. Finally, I just decided to buy the oils and see what would happen next. Making a small step felt so much better than staying in indecision!
How to join Jess' dōTERRA team and purchase your oils
1) Choose your enrolment kit
2) When you’re ready to PURCHASE, follow these directions carefully TO JOIN MY TEAM
  • Click this link:
  • Select what kit you'd like to order - I recommend the Home Essentials Kit and fractionated coconut oil, as this purchase will waive the $35 membership fee and you will have 10 oils, coconut oil and a diffuser which is perfect for hosting workshops.
  • Choose the country and language that's appropriate for you.
  •   Click 'Local.'
  •  Choose Wellness Advocate -- NOT Preferred Member
  •  Enter your personal information.
  • At Enroller id, enter my number: 5139370 (it should show you my name, Shop Healthy)
  • Then click verify
  • Set yourself up with a password
  • Click over to the next page
  • Select what kit you'd like to order - I recommend the home essentials as you will waive the $35 membership fee and you will have 10 oils and a diffuser which is perfect for hosting workshops.
  • Enter your Credit Card details and process your order.
3) When you enrol through THIS link, you’ll qualify for BIZCAMP TRAINING at no extra cost. 
4) Start USING & RECOMMENDING your oils!
100% Money Back Guarantee - Return Your Oils for a Full Refund If  For Whatever Reason You're Not Satisfied 
© 2017 Jessica Nazarali
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